β-Lactam 1-Min. Test (MRLBL1) – Beta Lactam Test

In one minute, the ROSA MRLBL1 test, detects 13 beta-lactam drugs in milk at or below EU and CODEX maximum residue limits. The Charm MRLBL1 test uses the Charm EZ system, which incubates and reads the sample in one step. This allows dairies to expedite production as negative milk can be cleared in just one minute.

The system is fast, easy to use, and portable and can be run by farmers, veterinarians, truck drivers, milk receivers, and milk testing laboratories.

A sample of milk is applied to a MRLBL1 lateral flow strip, and the EZ system incubates the strip and displays the test result.  Rosa tests use patented technology to target drug sensitivities to safe and regulated levels, which prevents unnecessary rejection of milk caused by overly sensitive screening tests. The tests are easy to perform and are manufactured to test for EU MRL/ CODEX/ Customs Union maximum residue limits and multiple other country-specific requirements. Charm ROSA tests have been granted approval by regulatory authorities around the world.

Central Reference Laboratory (CRL) guidelines available upon request. Approved by Polish Veterinary Research Institute (PIWET)Validated by ILVO, Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research, Belgium

Technical data



Time to result 1 Minute
Beta-Lactam drugs detected at or below MRL   >13
Detection sensitivity ppb Levels
Pack sizes Available in 20 or 100 test strip packs
Recommended reader: Charm Science EZ Reader 





Charm Science EZ Reader  Charm Sciences Inc.
MRLBL1 One-minute, 56oC Test Strip Incubator Charm Sciences Inc.
Charm Science EZ-Lite Reader Charm Sciences Inc.


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