One Shot Cell Disruptor – High-pressure homogenizer

The bench-top model One-shot from Constant Systems homogenizes cell suspensions with the principle of high pressure relief (known as French-Press-principle). In a free selectable pressure range up to 2700 bar (40 kpsi) all kind of cell suspensions, pellets and humid tissue processed: bacteria, yeast, algae, mammalian and insect cells, fungus etc.. This model is designed for small sample volume in research and analytics.

Constant Systems | One Shot | High pressure homogenizer

Technical data



Process volume 0.5-8 mL (max 24 mL)
Dead volume 0.1 mL
Cycles 1  
Pressure up to 2700 bar (40.000 PSI)
Sample type liquid, solid, frozen, paste, pellet
Fixed orifice yes
Sample cooling no
Compressed air required no
Dimensions (H x W x D) 51 x 47.5 x 45.5 cm
Weight 110 kg


Technical Service

During our business hours, our free telephone support will be glad to assist you in case of any questions. Our Technicians take care of the delivery and installation of original spare parts of the highest quality as well as certified testing, measuring, and control equipment. Our maintenance according to manufacturer specifications includes functional tests, cleaning, accuracy testing with calibration as well as a detailed report. In addition, our maintenance contracts protect your investments and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Detailed information about our support options can be found here.

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Constant Systems Limited was established in 1989 and manufactures und designs high pressure cell disruption equipment. The company has been committed to the design, development, manufacture and aftermarket support of cell disruption equipment, and the hard work and dedication makes it the first-choice supplier for Pharmaceutical/Biotech companies, Research Institutes, Universities and Schools worldwide. Their equipment is used in drug discovery, protein characterization and functional studies of cellular processes. To date, the products of Constant Systems have directly contributed to research published in over 2,000 peer reviewed papers across a range of academic journals, including Nature and the Journal of Biological Chemistry.

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