PasLite Phosphatase Test – Pasteurisation proof for dairy products

The PasLite test is an internationally accepted method used by dairies and food manufacturers to verify HTST pasteurization for many types of dairy products, including fluid white milk, flavored dairy, non-flavored dairy, and solid/semi-solid dairy (like cheese and ice cream). The PasLite test verifies the completeness of milk pasteurization by detecting alkaline phosphatase, a natural enzyme in milk that is destroyed by the heat and hold time of pasteurization. The test takes 3 minutes and multiple samples can be run simultaneously.

When a dairy sample is mixed with PasLite reagents and incubated, the resulting solution emits light in an amount directly proportional to the phosphatase enzyme present. The Charm novaLUM II-X system is used to measure the light emitted and converts light readings to enzyme units. Phosphatase readings greater than 350 mU/L indicate product pasteurization issues according to US and EU pasteurization requirements.  The PasLite test limit of detection for liquid dairy products is 20 milliunits per liter (mU/L) phosphatase (approximately 0.002% raw milk). This is well below the 350 mU/L level (0.1% raw milk) required by most public health agencies.

Technical data



Details Result
Time to result 3 Minutes
Limit of detection 20 mU/L
Detection sensitivity milliunits per litre
Pack sizes Available in 20 or 100 test strip packs
Recommended reader Charm Science novaLUM II-X Luminometer







Charm Science novaLum 2X Luminometer  Charm Sciences Inc.
Digital Dry Block Incubator Charm Sciences Inc.


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