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Do more with less: osmolality determinations for clinical labs just got easier

Learn more Advanced Instruments OsmoPRO MAX Automated Osmometer

I&L Biosystems presents the new OsmoPRO® MAX that offers unprecedented automation, ease of use and workflow flexibility and has been developed for clinical laboratories of all sizes.

The OsmoPRO® MAX performs tests automatically and directly in primary tubes with automatic intermediate cleaning, eliminating the need for consumables. The turntable allows users to continuously load samples in different primary tube sizes, eliminating workflow interruptions and improving turnaround times. An integrated barcode scanner automatically scans the turntable to determine the number of samples present and their sample IDs. A second integrated barcode scanner scans lab technician badges and calibration and verification kits for traceability of users and lot numbers.

With its color touchscreen, the OsmoPRO® MAX provides an intuitive multilingual user interface that allows personnel of different skill levels to operate the device. Additional on-screen video instructions can guide users through the cleaning, maintenance, and calibration steps.

The OsmoPRO® MAX takes osmolality determinations to a new level, increasing the confidence of your staff and allowing them to focus on other valuable laboratory tasks.


Main benefits

  • Continuous loading and testing, up to 500 samples
  • Automated pipetting directly from different primary tube types
  • Automated barcode scanning prevents sample mix-ups
  • Robust calibration (up to just once a year)
  • Small sample volume: 150 L
  • Data management: LIS, USB, Ethernet, printer (optional)



In all clinical labs there is a need to alleviate the heavy workload and increase efficiency while maintaining fast and accurate results of osmolality determinations. Keep your lab running smoothly and in compliance with applicable regulations with the OsmoPRO® MAX which uses the industry preferred freezing point depression method to deliver accurate patient results.

The Advanced Instruments portfolio of osmometers meets your need for ease of use, efficiency and reliability. Backed by more than 65 years of industry-leading performance, the OsmoPRO® MAX delivers the automation, workflow flexibility, data management and security you need to get more done in less time.

Learn more about the new OsmoPRO® MAX on the product page. The automated osmometer will be available from Q4 2022.