BLI - Analytics of AAV production

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BLI - Analytics of AAV production
BLI - Analytics of AAV production

Determination of AAV total capsid titer and empty/full ratio using Gator Bio's biolayer interferometry (BLI) technology

Discover the flexible technique that accurately determines AAV titer and Empty/Full Ratios in purified or crude samples.

Biolayer Interferometry (BLI) is an established method that is traditionally used to study biomolecular interactions. This label-free technique measures the binding of biomolecules to the tip of a biosensor in real-time to determine kinetic rates of interaction pairs or to quantify biomolecular samples. The newest generation of AAV biosensors from Gator Bio opens up this application to the field of viral vectors and enables accurate and reliable quantitation of AAV total capsid titer. With the AAVX and AAV9 biosensors and the new high-sensitivity kits, Gator covers AAV serotypes 1 – 10 with a dynamic range from 5E+6 to 1E+13 vp/ml and a CV of <10%.

The new Empty/Full Ratio Kit is a practical and cost-effective solution for a challenging step in AAV development. With this new tool, the Empty/Full ratio of AAV samples can be determined after purification or in crude extracts with a dynamic range from 5% - 100% Full and 10% Resolution. A throughput of 8 samples in 40 minutes and a minimal sample volume of only 40 µl makes this kit not only a valuable asset in research, but also for upstream and downstream processes. Gator Bios AAV portfolio offers a single flexible technique with multiple applications in research and development of viral vectors that offer high accuracy, short assay times and a wide dynamic range.


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Additional Features

  • Robust: AAV titer and Empty/Full ratio can be determined in crude extracts, cell medium or purified samples.
  • Low maintenance: Probes and sample plates are disposable. There is no need for extensive cleaning protocols or instrument maintenance.
  • Cost effective: Automatic sensor regeneration keeps the assay cost low.
  • Little material needed: Measurements can be performed with a minimal sample volume of only 40 µl.
  • Low sample consumption: The Measurement is non-invasive. Precious sample material can be recovered after quantitation.
  • User friendly: The intuitive software enables easy assay setup and analysis.

For more information, see the Application Note: Comparison of Gator® BLI and Progen ELISA for Quantitation of AAV Serotypes


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Next generation of Biolayer Interferometry (BLI) Systems from Gator Bio

Gator Bio GatorPrime BLI system for AAV



Next Gen label-free Biolayer interferometry (BLI) instrument

The GatorPrime is our entry level instrument that brings next generation BLI technology into your lab. This versatile 8-channel instrument uses our variety of new high-performance biosensors and is ideal for groups that are working on a budget.

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Gator Bio GatorPlus BLI system for AAV


Next gen label-free BLI instrument with high sensitivity

The Gator Plus is our advanced 8-channel system that provides you with the additional option to use 384 well plates. Increase your run times and significantly reduce your sample volume while still getting the same high-quality data sets from our innovative biosensors.

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The most powerful BLI instrument in the world

The Gator Pro is our 32-channel system that puts high-throughput to the next level. Equipped to handle 3 x 384-well plates and ready for automation. Finish your 32 x 32 Epitope binning experiments in just 8 hours without suffering a loss in data quality.


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Gator Bio BLI system overview


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