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Erbi Biosystems Breez™: 2 mL perfusion microbioreactor for bioprocess development

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Feel the Breez™ - with the only mL-scale platform that offers fully automated, continuous True Perfusion™ cultures.

Sterile, single-use 2 mL microbioreactor cassettes with built-in sensor technology and fully integrated fluidics enable the control of critical parameters like temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, optical density and a short turnaround time with reduced contamination risk. Bubble and foam free gas transfer in the Erbi Breez™ is accomplished by gas diffusion through a silicone mixing membrane, with barely any shear stress on your precious cells.

Low sample volume with a minimum of 50 µL and automated harvest from up to 4 parallel, but individually set bioreactors per platform allow not only a perfect setup for media optimization but also for N1-perfusion and much more. Achieve the maximum yield with the minimum commitment and financial input and begin your process development at an earlier stage = smaller volume in the Breez™ bioreactor.

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