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I&L Biosystems announces their new partnership with the canadian life science company Rheolution Inc.

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Rheolution Inc. is a Montreal based company, founded in 2009. The company has been vigorously working on developing next generation solution, ElastoSens™ BIO, for measuring viscoelastic properties of soft biomaterials and hydrogels for R&D, preclinical and Quality control applications. This unique technology platform has assisted scientists, biologists and technologists across the Academia, Medical technology and Biotech/Pharma industries developing biomaterials for multiple applications.

ElastoSens™ BIO is a table top instrument that can measure liquid to solid transition of soft materials in a non-destructive and contact less manner.  

Key features of ElastoSens BIO:

  • Table top, modular device that can be placed in the safety cabin to ensure sterile conditions for performing experiments
  • Contactless and non-destructive viscoelasticity testing of soft biomaterials
  • Capable of measuring liquid-gel transition, final viscoelastic properties of formed gels and monitor the dynamic viscoelastic changes in a time dependent manner
  • Allows repetitive testing of the sample under sterile condition  
  • Enables user to design protocols mimicking in vivo conditions (incubation of sample, temperature control, coagulating blood, photo stimulation)
  • A single tablet app can be connected up to 5 ElastoSens BIO devices to assess properties of multiple biomaterials at the same time. 
  • User friendly software for data acquisition and management

Visit the product page to learn more about the Rheolution ElastoSens™ BIO!