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Join Baker Ruskinn at the HypoxEU Online Event 2023

Learn more Baker Ruskinn HypoxEU 2023

HypoxEU is an international forum for disseminating and discussing discoveries relating to biological responses to variations in oxygenation. Following the success of the first live event in Dublin in September 2022, The Baker Company  is happy to invite you to the next virtual HypoxEU Seminar series. Register now for the HypoxEU webinar: us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYqduGtrjIjHNSi1moLbAr8ChEtMI1jD_8r

Scientific Organization Committee: Chris Pugh, Johanna Myllyharju, Tammie Bishop, Peppi Karppinen, Edurne Berra, Doerthe Katschinski, Roland Wenger, Cormac Taylor, Krista Rantanen, Brian Ortmann and Randall Johnson

If you want to start hypoxia in your lab, explore our range of entry models (hypoxia-in-a-box) to fully equipped hypoxia workstations: www.il-biosystems.com/en/applications/hypoxic-oxygen-conditions