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Join the Dutch Life Sciences conference!

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Did you know the Netherlands is one of the most concentrated Life Sciences and Health clusters in the world? This is why:
1. The country counts 2.900 innovative Life Sciences businesses of which 420 biopharmaceutical companies and the European Medicines Agency.
2. There are about 770 clinical trials currently active.

On top of that, the Netherlands has the sixth largest economy in the EU and is ranked 3rd in Forbes as best country to do business with.
And because the Netherlands has a strong scientific background, this makes the Dutch industry an important European player with economic and social impact. This combined with the mission to grow the Dutch life sciences industry explains the right of existence of the Dutch Life Sciences conference.
On 24 November, the 17th edition will take place. The focus is on innovation and new business strategies. And that is why we are here. Because I&L Biosystems likes to think along with you. We help you get the most out of your lab.
Will we see you there?
Check out the website or register now.