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New Gator BLI probe launched for Strep-Tag® fusion proteins!

Learn more Gator Bio New Strep Tactin XT Probe

We are excited to announce the launch of Gator® Strep-Tactin® XT Probe, specific to Twin-Strep-Tag® (TST) fusion proteins for quantitation and kinetics.

Gator® Bio and IBA Lifesciences (the inventors of Strep-tag® technology) teamed up to develop this new biosensor.

Gator Strep-Tactin XT probes are designed to capture proteins tagged with Twin-Strep-tag (TST). TST affinity can be used for the purification of recombinant proteins in various applications, such as structural biology, enzyme engineering, and protein characterization.


Twin-Strep-tag is gaining popularity for purifying proteins that need to retain their native structure and function.

The newly developed Strep-Tactin XT probe is useful for quantitation and kinetic characterization of proteins tagged with TST.  

Gator-Strep-Tactin-XT-ProbeThe key benefits of the Strep-Tactin XT Probes include:

  • Robust kinetics measurements between Strep-Tactin XT and TST fusion proteins.
  • Mammalian cell culture media and lysate compatible.
  • Minimal interference from biotin in media.
  • 10 regenerations without loss in binding capacity.

Download the product note: Gator Strep-Tactin XT probe for analysis of Twin-Strep-tag fusion proteins. Or contact your local sales representative for more information.


More information on Strep-tag technology and Gator BLI probes.

application note for the correct biosensor selection for proteins tagged with Strep-tag II and Twin-Strep-tagStrep-Tactin and its successor Strep-Tactin XT, are engineered streptavidins. They have been developed for efficient, though reversible, binding of an affinity tag that could be used for protein purification, detection and immobilization of tagged proteins.

While Strep-Tactin binds specifically to the Strep-tag®II affinity tag, Strep-Tactin XT was developed to bind Twin-Strep-tag fusion proteins. (Strep-tag® technology)

Gator Bio offers probes matching both Strep-tag technologies.

Download the application note for the correct biosensor selection for proteins tagged with Strep-tag®II and Twin-Strep-tag®.