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New IgG test protocols available for the Cedex Bio HT

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Roche has released two new test protocols for our popular IgG assay on Cedex Bio HT. Did you ever had issues because your cells produce too much antibodies and you can’t measure them reliably with our classic test ranges? We now have a solution for you:

  • IGGHE Extended 1:20 (test range 1,6 – 32 g/L)
  • IG160 Pre-Dilution 1:100 (test range 8 – 160 g/L)

Interested in getting your IgG measurements to the next level? No problem! You can find the TAS-file for your Cedex Bio HT* on eLabDoc:
Don’t hesitate to contact us for any question about the topic.

*new test range exclusively available for Cedex Bio HT, custom control material needed