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Meet I&L Biosystems at the LabSupply in Frankfurt

Learn more I&L Biosystems auf der LabSupply Frankfurt

This year's Lab Supply in Frankfurt will focus on chromatography. Our product specialist Manuel Stephan will be happy to show you the many benefits of Sepragen's revolutionary efficient SuperFlo radial flow chromatography columns. The unique design of the Superflo columns provides the sample with a large entrance area that keeps linear flow velocities low, even at high total flow. The columns are made of acrylic or stainless steel and are available in sizes from 50 ml to 500 l.

Cell culture is your topic? Then convince yourself of the proven quality of the Cedex Bioanalyzers from Roche CustomBiotech. Inform yourself at our booth about all 27 parameters that the automatic Roche Cedex analysers can measure with an accuracy of 10-15%.

We look forward to seeing you at LabSupply Frankfurt on 8 March in the Jahrhunderthalle Casino, Frankfurt-Höchst!