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Two new assays launched for the Roche Cedex Bio analyzers!

Learn more Asparagine / Aspartate and Nitrate - new assays for cedex bio analyzer

We are excited to announce the launch of two new assays for the Roche Cedex Bio and Bio HT analyzers. With 30 different parameters on one single platform you now have even more control to optimize your upstream production process.


Asn/Asp – Asparagine and Aspartate

Asparagine (Asn) and Aspartate (Asp) play an important role in cell culture processes. The role of these amino acids is very similar to Glutamine (Gln) and Glutamate (Glu), but monitoring the concentration of Asn and Asp in addition to Gln and Glu can provide meaningful insights during cell culture.

The synthesis of several amino acids depends on the uptake of Asn and low concentrations can impact the productivity of the cells. Low Asn concentrations can also cause cells to incorporate wrong amino acids into proteins, which can lead to poor quality therapeutic proteins.

The new Cedex Asn/Asp test is a convenient and reliable replacement of laborious HPLC testing of these two amino acids. In-process monitoring of the presence and uptake of Asn and adjusting the feeding strategy to make sure levels of Asn are sufficient, will prevent poor quality production of your recombinant protein.



Optimized cell culture media formulations can support high cell density while minimizing changes in cellular phenotype. Nitrogen is an essential component of cell culture medium and is critical for growth and productivity. Cells also require various minerals for growth which are often added as easily soluble nitrate salts. Unregulated nitrate levels can negatively impact cell cultures. It is therefore important to control your media formulations and keep nitrate levels to acceptable concentrations.

Determination of nitrate is often done through cumbersome tests. The Cedex nitrate test offers reliable and convenient analysis and allows you to monitor nitrate levels in parallel with other critical culture parameters.


Download the official Roche product launch information here.
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