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Will we be seeing you at the DFG Flow Cytometry Tech Symposium?

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Coming up, the 18th edition of the DFG Flow Cytometry Tech Symposium:

  • Friday 15 September
  • At the Prodentfabriek in Amersfoort NL


A day to get updated on the latest and future tech developments in the field of Flow Cytometry, Spectral Scanners, MoAbs, Data Analysis, Image Flow Cytometry and more.


We will present you:

  • Microfluidic Gentle Cell Sorting with the WOLF G2 from NanoCellect
    A compact, stress- and contaminant-free way of modern flow cytometry for healthy cells.
  • Automated 3D cell-based Assays with the Pu•MA from ProteinFluidics
    An open platform to automate growth, staining, collection, and analysis.
  • Physical Cytometry with the W8 from CellDynamics
    To determine weight, size, and mass density of your spheroids to identify the most promising population.


Also Michal Bonar will give a tech talk on how microfluidic cell sorting can improve cell health and survival in cell line development with the WOLF G2.


Find out more: https://www.dutchflowgroup.nl/index.php/tech-symposium/program-18e-dfg-tech-symposium


See you in Amersfoort!