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The I&L Biosystems team across Europe – a brief introduction


We love a fresh breeze and creative space to unfold our ideas accompanied by our proverbial German thoroughness with a unique twist. These are the best prerequisites for offering our business partners innovative solutions and smooth support.


With us you are in good hands. We employ almost exclusively graduated scientists of either physics, chemistry, or biology. The Technical Service team is responsible for maintenance and repair as well as equipment qualifications and is certified by the manufacturers through regular training.

We take the time to listen to you and, based on this information, develop customized laboratory solutions for your specific requirements that optimize your efforts and benefits.

In total, more than 120 employees at 10 European locations work every day to provide our business partners from industry, research and development with equipment technology, system solutions, process and product technology and industrial applications.

We are here for you. Please select the desired location to find your contact.



Alexander Beljaars


With I&L Since 1991
Loves it To travel
Believes in People
Favorite spot Tropical Islands in Southeast Asia
Daniel Bindels

Managing Director

With I&L Since 2020
Loves it Playing tennis on a sunny Sunday morning
Weakness for Foreign cuisines
Passion for Modern art museums
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Sales Management

Hendrik Koopmans

Sales Director

With I&L Since 2022
Passion for Music and Good food
Favorite spot The Wadden Sea
Motto Carpe Diem and The Persuit of Happiness

Assistant Sales Management

Louis Spierings

Senior Product Manager

With I&L Since 2007
Passion for Basketball, Formular 1
Proud of His wife and two sons
Favorite spot Tuscany and Zeeland


Mexx Ebbing

Junior Product Specialist

With I&L Since 2022
Loves it Good food and even better drinks
Passion for Hockey, snowboarding and pool
Motto Variety is the spice of life
Erik Janssen

Product Specialist

With I&L Since 2020
Been there Point Lenana, Mount Kenya
Favorite spot Wherever friends are
Motto If it can't be done as it should, it should be done as it can
Jeroen Schoorl

Product specialist

With I&L Since 2022
Weakness for Good food
Passion for Sailing, Biking and adventures sports
Favorite spot At the waterside
Laurens van Houdt

Product Specialist

With I&L Since 2022
Passion for Science, movies and movie music
Proud of My first (and never again!) ultra trailrun in Slovenia
Mantra Don't believe everything you read on the internet (Abraham Lincoln)
Frank van der Loop

Product Specialist

With I&L Since 2019
Fascinated by Birds
Must have Breakfast
Motto Que Sera, Sera (What ever will be, will be)
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Petra Ammerlaan

Customer Service & Support

With I&L Since 2020
Loves it Netflix and coloring
Weakness for Chocolate, sweet candies and of course ice cream
Once a week Yoga
Astrid Pijnenburg

Teamleader Customer Service

With I&L Since 2021
Proud of Her children
Favorite spot Canada
Motto Where focus goes energy flows
Annemieke Verheijen

Customer Service & Support

With I&L Since 2021
Aim To grow old comfortable
Weakness for Fast Food
Follows Celebrities in instagram
Erwin van Gorp

Supply Chain & Warehouse Manager

With I&L Since 2020
Weakness for Yvonne
Passion for Golf & Tennis
Must have Pumping Heart
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Noortje Haegens


With I&L Since 2020
Loves it Pancakes
Favorite spot On the couch with my feet up
Once a week Is not enough for CrossFit


Niels Denis

Field Service Engineer

With I&L Since 2011
Loves it Troubleshooting
Believes in Treat other people how you want youreselve to be treated
Philosophy Success is not final, failure ist not fatal: it is the courage to continue [...]
Gerrit van Leeuwen

Field Service Engineer

With I&L Since 2019
Strength Won´t give up easily
Motto Enjoy the little things in life
Favorite Spot Greece
Gert-Jan van Sinten

Teamleader Technical Service

With I&L Since 2018
Believes in Fairytales
Favorite spot The pub with friends
Passion for Football and Mixed Martial Arts
Francis van der Bruggen

Field Service Engineer

With I&L Since 2021
Believes in Himself
Passion for Technical issues
Motto Enjoy life
1 / 4

Team Support

Fabiola Willemkens-Felix

Office Manager

With I&L Since 2015
Loves it Netflix & Fitness with my husband
Been there Ibiza & Indonesia
Proud of Her family

Human Resources

Marjo van Bijnen

HR Manager

With I&L Since 2020
Believes in Longlife learning
Motto Speak less, listen more
Mantra When you feel like quitting, think about why you started


Mark Zeeuwen

Financial Controller

With I&L Since 2022
Believes in Taking live in your own hands
Favorite spot Home
Strength Creativity