SciLog BioProcessing Systems – for use during fermentation or downstream cleaning processes

The SciLog technology facilitates the monitoring of specific parameters in single-use process platforms such as fermentation or downstream cleaning processes with high precision and accuracy. Each pre-calibrated SciLog sensor is labeled with a unique ID-barcode to provide traceability of each measurement. Furthermore, the factory calibration is stored and thus enables plug and play during installation. The scalability of these sensors is guaranteed by the availability of up to 5 different tubing sizes. SciLog sensors are made of USP class VI materials (FDA CFR 177.1520) and are available for temperature (SciTemp®), pressure (SciPres®) and conductivity (SciCon®).

They are characterized by high precision measurements, even after gamma irradiation, steam sterilization or extensive chemical treatment. Besides pre-calibration, also customer-specific calibrations and individual thresholds to be set for emergency alarms can be configured. Using the associated monitoring systems allows for simultaneous measurement and display of multiple sensors of the same or different type and their respective (differential) values.

Technical data




Sensor type:

epoxy-coated thermistor

Temperature: -10 to +150 °C
Accuracy: ± 0,5 °C
Resolution: 0,01 °C



Sensor type: piezoresistive sensing element
Pressure: 0 to 60 psi
Accuracy: ± 0,35 psi at 60 psi
Resolution: 0,01 psi



Sensor type: gold 4-electrode conductivity cell
Conductivity: 1 µS/cm to 200 µS/cm
Accuracy: ± 3 µS (0-100 µS), ± 0,25 µS (10-200 µS)
Resolution: 0,1 µS/cm





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Technical Service

During our business hours, our free telephone support will be glad to assist you in case of any questions. Our Technicians take care of the delivery and installation of original spare parts of the highest quality as well as certified testing, measuring, and control equipment. Our maintenance according to manufacturer specifications includes functional tests, cleaning, accuracy testing with calibration as well as a detailed report. In addition, our maintenance contracts protect your investments and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Detailed information about our support options can be found here.

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