SuperFlo® – Radial flow chromatography columns for production processes

The SuperFlo® column consists of two concentric porous cylinders, creating a space. This area between the frits is the column bed and this is packed with the chromatographic resin. The eluent/sample enters at the top of the column, the top lid acts as a distribution head and directs the sample into the gap between the outer column body and the outer frit. It distributes over the whole height of the column and flows horizontal from the outer frit to the inner core. From the gap between the inner frit and the collector rod (spacer in the centre of the column) the eluent leaves through the outlet at the bottom of the column. The effective bed height of the column is the distance between inner and outer frit.

The intrinsic design of the SuperFlo® column has a significantly larger surface area than a tradtional  axial column, therefore even at high flow rates the linear velocity is in a range which allows for the required interaction between sample and resin. SuperFlo® allows to make your separation faster and in certain cases you can save expensive resin (e.g. Protein G) because you can make 2 runs in the same time - means you can reduce the size of the column by 50%. The investment into a SuperFlo® column will be compensated by the savings in resin costs after the first column packing.

Sepragen SuperFlo | Radial flow chromatography column | Pt.1

Sepragen SuperFlo | Radial flow chromatography column | Pt.2

Sepragen SuperFlo | Radial flow chromatography column | Pt.3

Technical data



Production SuperFlo column  Bed height
Lab columns 50-1500 ml 3.5 cm
5 and 10 L 5 cm
20 - 100 L 10 cm
up to 500 L 15 or 20 cm










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During our business hours, our free telephone support will be glad to assist you in case of any questions. Our Technicians take care of the delivery and installation of original spare parts of the highest quality as well as certified testing, measuring, and control equipment. Our maintenance according to manufacturer specifications includes functional tests, cleaning, accuracy testing with calibration as well as a detailed report. In addition, our maintenance contracts protect your investments and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Detailed information about our support options can be found here.

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