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Gentle microfluidic cell sorting - now also for temperature-sensitive samples!

Learn more NanoCellect Chiller Stirrer for Wolf Cell Sorter - Launch Offer

Single-cell or bulk sorting of temperature-sensitive samples such as stem cells or neuronal cells can be a challenge for researchers. A solution to this is offered by the latest add-on for the Wolf® Cell Sorter: the Chiller-Stirrer CS1!
The CS1 keeps heat-sensitive samples at the desired temperature during sorting and - in addition to the low pressure of <2Psi - enables optimal conditions throughout the process, thereby increasing the viability of the sorted cells.

In addition to the cooling mechanism, the CS1 Chiller-Stirrer offers a stirring function for samples that settle or aggregate quickly. This has a positive effect on sorting yield and purity.

Interested? Then contact your local sales representative quickly and secure the Chiller-Stirrer at an introductory price until 15.12.2023 - it's worth it!


WOLF® Cell Sorter - Gentle cell sorting through microfluidics

Whether it's eukaryotic cells, algae, bacteria, protoplasts or infectious material, NanoCellect® delivers a sterile, portable and intuitive solution for gentle cell sorting. The WOLF® uses a patented microfluidics-based system with robust laser detection. The user-friendly WOLF Viewer software enables even inexperienced staff to operate the device. Sterile cassettes containing the complete microfluidics prevent cross-contamination and reduce cleaning and maintenance times. The compact WOLF® Cell Sorter offers higher cell viability with the possibility to reuse the cells after sorting. It couldn't be easier.

If you would like to learn more about gentle microfluidic cell sorting with Cell Sorters from NanoCellect, visit the product pages or write to our experts!