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Introducing the industry's 1st Automated Sampler with a fully integrated Fraction Collector

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You want to know what's going on in your bioreactor through the night? Or do you see user-dependent result discrepancies from manual sampling? Safe your time with the automation of bioprocess sampling by the new Acquire™ system (Flownamics, Inc. /USA), who does this work allways the same way you want it, reproducible and reliable, day and night. You get your cell containing and/or cell free samples in your preferred commecial vials all cooled even below zero °C by the optional Peltier+ Module, controlled by the FlowWeb™ Software.  The Acquire™ system is avaliable with 4 and 8 vessel connections and based on the automated sampling technology of the Seg-Flow S3™ system, which can also distribute liquid sample aliquots to bioprocess analyzers.

Meet the new Acquire™on our product page!