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New at I&L Biosystems: 3D bioprinting by Axolotl Biosystems

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Axolotl Biosystems is Istanbul based young and dynamic company founded in 2017. Within a short span of its establishment, the company has developed niche next-generation 3D Bioprinting technology. The Axolotl technology platforms offer easy-to-use, highly efficient, and versatile 3D bioprinters equipped with three printhead attachment slots and up to 6 printhead attachment slots. Axolotl Biosystems' unique Melt Electrowriting (MEW) capability shows excellent promise in biofabricating thin filaments to produce skeletal muscles or cardiac tissue and opens up an even greater combination of materials for the user.

These novel and versatile3D bioprinters offer complete life science solutions to the scientists, biologists, and technologists across the Academia, Medical technology, and Biotech/Pharma industries within Regenerative medicine and Tissue engineering. In addition, Axolotl 3D bioprinters are used for developing biomaterials for multiple applications, such as drug discovery, screening, and development.


Key features of AXO A3 and AXO A6:

  • AXO A3 is equipped with three printhead slots to carry out versatile  printing biofabrication operations
  • AXO A6 comes with slots for up to 6 printheads, capable of carrying out multiphased biofabrication operations 
  • Axolotl 3D bio-printers feature a truly configurable smart print head system. With this feature, users can choose from eight different print heads/tool heads, which are set up with just one simple movement and are immediately recognized by the software with their respective properties.
  • Melt Electrowriting (MEW) feature offers a unique application for biofabricating tissues such as skeletal muscles and cardiac tissues.
  • Wide pressure (0 to 800 kPA) and temperature range (-10°C to 265°C)
  • User-friendly and clearly structured operating software AXO SUITE 

Interested? Visit the AXO A3 or A6 product page or contact us for more details!