Cedex® Bio – Bioanalyzer for monitoring bioprocesses

The Cedex Bio® Analyzer is a multi-analyzer for monitoring bioprocesses and fermentation<s>s</s>. The wide range of measurable parameters allows the user of the Cedex Bio® to monitor the production as well as to develop and optimize growth conditions for mammalian, bacterial and yeast culture systems. The analysis of substrates, metabolites and products will be measured by photometric method. With its capacity of up to 8 samples, which can be continuously loaded during operation, and up to 13 freely selectable assays per reagent disk, the Cedex Bio® is recommended for low sample throughput. 

Prioritizing the samples enables fast and reliable results for quick decisions during ongoing processes. The Cedex Bio® can be expanded to up to 8 reagent disks and also offers a high degree of comparability of the results within different devices of the Cedex family. A comprehensive testing panel covers common assays. In addition, there are special parameters e.g. LDH, IgG, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, GlutaMax and Total Protein available. Cedex Bio® Analyzer can be used in GMP-validated biopharmaceutical production processes and is compliant to GMP regulations, such as 21 CFR part 11.

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Technical data



Method of Measurement


Test Throughput (Theoretical Max)  50 - 100 tests/hour for photometry tests only
Number of Channels (Reagent Slots) 27 slots (approximately 13 assays) per reagent disk
expandable for up to 8 disks
Programmable Parameters Yes
Sample Types

Mammalian cell culture
Microbial fermentation

Sample Input

Load capacity: 8 positions, continuous loading
Priority sampling available

Sample Volume 2.0 - 40 μL per test, depending on assay format
Minimum Sample Volume 50 µl 
Capacity Reaction cells 60
Rerun (automatic dilution) Rerun with predefined dilution factor
Sample cooling no
Sample Data Base 1000 test results
QC Analysis

QC history provides QC results of previous 60 days
Graphic analysis of results over time

System Interfaces RS 232 serial interface, bi-directional; USB port
Operating Conditions

Ambient temperature: 15 -32°C
Ambient humidity: 30 - 80% (RH, without condensation)
Heat output: Maximum 320 W/hr or 270 Kcal/hr
Noise output: < 60 dB
Water purity: Reagent grad NCCLS Typ I (minimum: NCCLS Typ II)
Water consumption: 2.5 - 3.0 L/day
Waste: Separate container

Electrical Requirements

Power requirements: 100 - 125 V and 200 - 240 V (-15% to +10%)
250 VA
Frequency: 50 Hz oder 60 Hz ± 0,5 %

Physical Dimensions

Width: 600 mm (23.6 in)
Depth: 550 mm (21.7 in)
Height: 480 mm (18.9 in)
Weight: 72.7 lbs (33 kg)





Assay reagents

Acetate V2 Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-07395442001
VE: 4 x 50 tests
Ala-Gln Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-08056978001
VE: 4 x 50 tests
Asparagine/Aspartate Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-09437312001
VE: 4 x 50 tests
Calcium Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-07374623001
VE: 2 x 100 tests 
Cholesterol Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-07374577001
VE: 2 x 100 tests
Ethanol Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-08055645001
VE: 4 x 50 tests
Formate Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-07705590001
VE: 4 x 50 tests
Galactose/Arabinose Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-08391599001
VE: 4 x 50 tests
Glucose Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-06343732001
VE: 2 x 100 tests
Glutamate V2 Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-07395582001
VE: 4 x 50 tests
Glutamine V2 Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-07395655001
VE: 4 x 50 tests
Glycerol Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-07374607001
VE: 4 x 50 tests
Ig Fab Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-08881332001
VE: 4 x 50 tests
IgG Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-06681743001
VE: 2 x 100 tests
Iron Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-06990045001
VE: 2 x 50 tests
Lactate Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-06343759001
VE: 4 x 50 tests
LDH Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-06343767001
VE: 4 x 50 tests
Magnesium V2 Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-09324542001
VE: 4 x 50 tests
Mouse IgG Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-08377944001
VE: 4 x 50 tests
NH3 Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-06343775001
VE: 2x 100 tests
Nitrate Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-09816364001
VE: 4 x 50 tests
OD Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-07705620001
VE: 4 x 100 tests
Phosphate Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-06990070001
VE: 4 x 50 tests
Potassium Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-08881367001
VE: 4 x 50 tests
Pyruvate Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-07395680001
VE: 4 x 50 tests
Sodium Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-08881863001
VE: 4 x 50 tests
Sucrose Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-07705557001
VE: 4 x 50 tests
Total Protein Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-07374593001
VE: 2 x 100 tests



System reagents and consumables

Accelerator Art.-Nr.: RD-06609333001
VE: 100 mL
Activator Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-07766700001
VE: 4 x 9 mL
Adapter Cups Art.-Nr.: RD-06455638001
VE: 30 pieces
Chimneys Art.-Nr.: RD-06455646001
VE: 2 x 48 pieces (black and white)
Cleaner Acidic Art.-Nr.: RD-06455590001
VE: 1 L
Cleaner Alkaline Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-06689485001
VE: 8 x 21 mL
Deproteinizer Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-06440517001
VE: 2 x 11 mL
Micro Cuvette Segments Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-06455581001
VE: 168 Stück (je 10 cuvettes)
NaCl Diluent 9% Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-06684700001
VE: 8 x 12 mL
Thermo Printer Paper Art.-Nr.: RD-06455484001
VE: 5 rolls




Calibrator A Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-06682189001
VE: 6 x 1mL
Calibrator B Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-06682553001
VE: 6 x 0,5 mL
Calibrator C Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-07020716001
VE: 6 x 1 mL
Calibrator D Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-07368321001
VE: 6 x 1 mL
Calibrator E Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-08083703001
VE: 6 x 0,5 mL
Calibrator F Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-08377987001
VE: 6 x 1 mL
Calibrator K Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-09336699001
VE: 6 x 1 mL



Control solutions

Control A Level 1 Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-06682197001
VE: 6 x 1 mL
Control A Level 2 Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-06682227001
VE: 6 x 1 mL
Control A Level 3 Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-06682545001
VE: 6 x 1 mL
Control B Level 1 Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-06682561001
VE: 6 x 0,5 mL
Control B Level 2 Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-06682570001
VE: 6 x 0,5 mL
Control B Level 3 Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-06682588001
VE: 6 x 0,5 mL
Control C Level 1 Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-07020724001
VE: 6 x 1 mL
Control C Level 2 Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-07020872001
VE: 6 x 1 mL
Control C Level 3 Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-07020902001
VE: 6 x 1 mL
Control D Level 1 Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-07368178001
VE: 6 x 1 mL
Control D Level 2 Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-07368186001
VE: 6 x 1 mL
Control D Level 3 Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-07368194001
VE: 6 x 1 mL
Control E Level 1 Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-08083797001
VE: 6 x 0,5 mL
Control E Level 2 Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-08083819001
VE: 6 x 0,5 mL
Control E Level 3 Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-08083827001
VE: 6 x 0,5 mL
Control F Level 1 Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-08377995001
VE: 6 x 1 mL
Control F Level 2 Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-08378002001
VE: 6 x 1 mL
Control F Level 3 Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-08378029001
VE: 6 x 1 mL
Control OD Level 1 Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-07766637001
VE: 6 x 1 mL
Control OD Level 2 Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-07766645001
VE: 6 x 1 mL
Control OD Level 3 Bio Art.-Nr.: RD-07766670001
VE: 6 x 1 mL


Technical Service

During our business hours, our free telephone support will be glad to assist you in case of any questions. Our Technicians take care of the delivery and installation of original spare parts of the highest quality as well as certified testing, measuring, and control equipment. Our maintenance according to manufacturer specifications includes functional tests, cleaning, accuracy testing with calibration as well as a detailed report. In addition, our maintenance contracts protect your investments and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Detailed information about our support options can be found here.

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