Cedex® Bio HT – Bioanalyzer for bioprocess control

The Cedex® Bio HT Analyzer is a multi-analyzer for monitoring bioprocesses and fermentations. The wide range of measurable parameters allows the use of the Cedex® Bio HT for both to monitor the production and to develop and optimize growth conditions for mammalian, bacteria and yeast culture systems. The analysis of substrates, metabolites and products will be measured photometric. The Cedex® Bio HT is recommended for high throughput screening. Numerous samples can be processed simultaneously with minimal manual intervention. 

The 96-well upgrade kit allows for the use of 96-well plates for a total capacity of up to 96 + 30 samples. Automated sample dilution saves time and ensures high accuracy. For process optimization, the full automation of the Cedex® Bio HT also allows online integration with other automated systems.                 

The Cedex® Bio HT also offers a high degree of comparability of the results within different devices of the Cedex family. a comprehensive testing panel covers common assays. In addition, there are special parameters e.g. LDH, IgG, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, GlutaMax and Total Protein available.

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Roche CustomBiotech | Cedex Bio HT Analyzer | CB 96 well plate application Cedex BioHT Analyzer

Technical data



Method of Measurement


Test Throughput (Theoretical Max)  200-400 tests/hour
Reagent capacity

32 slots (approximatly 28 assays)

Programmable Parameters yes
Sample Types 

mammalian cell culture
microbial fermentation

Sample Input 

Up to 90 sample convenience tubes
Continuous loading of up to 8 samples at once
Priority sampling available
Barcode reading
96 well-plate upgrade kit (96 + 30 samples at once)

Sample Volume 2-40 μL sample consumption per test
Minimum Sample Volume  100 μL for several tests
Capacity Reaction cells 1000
pre-dilution free selectable
Rerun (automatic dilution) re-run with automatic dilutions
Sample Barcode Types Code 128, Codabar, Code 2 of 5 interleaved, code 39
Sample cooling yes
System Interfaces

RS232 serial interface for HOST connection, Ethernet for remote access
Online integration with automated systems

Operating Conditions 

Ambient temperature: 15 - 32°C
Ambient humidity: 30 - 80% (RH, without condensation)
Water purity: Reagent grad NCCLS Typ I
Water consumption: 2 L/day - connection to water supply possible
Waste: Separate container - connection to sink possible

Control Unit  

HP workstation running Windows 10, Intel Core i5 with 8 GB RAM
Dual 500 GB hard drives, DVDRW drive, Ethernet

Electrical Requirements  

Power requirements: 100 - 125 V and 200 - 240 V
Consumption: 1200 VA
Frequency: 50 Hz oder 60 Hz

Physical Dimensions  

Width: 1350 mm
Depth: 660 mm
Height: 750 mm
Weight: 198 kg (436 lbs)

Certificates CE, UL, C-UL





Test Parameter Cedex Bio HT 

Acetate V2 Bio HT


Ala-Gln Bio HT


Calcium Bio HT


Cholesterol Bio HT


Ethanol Bio HT


Formate Bio HT


Galactose V2 Bio HT


Glucose Bio HT


Glutamate V2 Bio HT


Glutamine V2 Bio HT


Glycerol Bio HT


IgG Bio HT


Ig Fab Bio HT


Iron Bio HT


Lactate Bio HT




Magnesium Bio HT


Mouse IgG Bio HT


NH3 Bio HT




Phosphate Bio HT


Pyruvate Bio HT


Sodium Bio HT


Sucrose Bio HT


Total Protein Bio HT




System Reagents/Consum.

Accelerator  Roche
Activator Bio  Roche
Activator Bottle Set Bio HT  Roche
Cleaner Acidic  Roche
Cleaner Alkaline Bio HT  Roche
Microcuvettes Bio HT  Roche
NaCl Diluent 9%  Roche
Waste Container Bio HT  Roche



ISE Electrodes and Solutions

ISE Calibrator Direct Bio HT  Roche
ISE Calibrator Indirect Bio HT  Roche
ISE Deproteinizer Bio HT  Roche
ISE Etcher Bio HT  Roche
ISE Potassium Electrode Bio HT  Roche
ISE Reference Electrode Bio HT  Roche
ISE Reference Electrolyte Bio HT  Roche
ISE Sodium Electrode Bio HT  Roche
ISE Solution 1  Roche
ISE Solution 2  Roche



Calibrators and Controls

Calibrator A Bio  Roche
Control A Level 1 Bio  Roche
Control A Level 2 Bio  Roche
Control A Level 3 Bio  Roche
Calibrator B Bio  Roche
Control B Level 1 Bio  Roche
Control B Level 2 Bio  Roche
Control B Level 3 Bio  Roche
Calibrator C Bio  Roche
Control C Level 1 Bio  Roche
Control C Level 2 Bio  Roche
Control C Level 3 Bio  Roche
Calibrator D Bio  Roche
Control D Level 1 Bio  Roche
Control D Level 2 Bio  Roche
Control D Level 3 Bio  Roche
Calibrator E Bio  Roche
Control E level 1 Bio  Roche
Control E level 2 Bio  Roche
Control E level 3 Bio  Roche
Calibrator F Bio  Roche
Control F level 1 Bio  Roche
Control F Level 2 Bio  Roche
Control OD Level 1 Bio  Roche
Control OD Level 2 Bio  Roche
Control OD Level 3 Bio  Roche




Kit 96-well plate Cedex Roche
Rack 96-well plate Cedex Roche
Panel Rack Access RB 96-well plate Cedex Roche


Technical Service

During our business hours, our free telephone support will be glad to assist you in case of any questions. Our Technicians take care of the delivery and installation of original spare parts of the highest quality as well as certified testing, measuring, and control equipment. Our maintenance according to manufacturer specifications includes functional tests, cleaning, accuracy testing with calibration as well as a detailed report. In addition, our maintenance contracts protect your investments and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Detailed information about our support options can be found here.

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