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The nextgen BLI technology now available in Europe!

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Gator Bio Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement with I&L Biosystems

Gator Bio, the nextgen Biolayer Interferometry solutions company, has signed an agreement with I&L Biosystems GmbH, the distributors of innovative biomedical technology and products. The agreement will allow Gator to expand its product offerings into the European Union, a key region for Gator’s growth strategy as it begins to expand global reach.

Dr. Hong Tan, CEO Gator Bio, said, “I&L Biosystems has a history of bringing new and innovative technologies — as evidenced by their previous success in commercializing e.g. various Multi-Analyzer, Protein purification devices, SPR instruments, Bioreactors, … . We look forward to working with their teams to bring the Gator platform to users throughout the region, helping meet demand for Antibody, AAV and small characterization.”

“Gator BLI platform and range of innovative biosensors is an important addition to I&L’s portfolio of protein characterization products, and we are very excited about the possibilities the Gator shall give our customers in characterizing antibodies, AAVs and small molecule drugs,” said Mr. Alexander M. Beljaars, CEO of I&L Biosystems GmbH. “Access to this nextgen technology is key to the continued enablement of our biopharma and academia research customers across our geographies. We are very excited about helping research and manufacturing community with the novel applications in gene therapy, immune therapy and lipid nano particle development.”

The latest partnership builds on Gator’s commitment to providing high-quality BLI platform globally, recently demonstrated through a strategic partnership with BMS Korea to provide services to biotherapeutics and gene therapy companies. 

Gator Bio is a life sciences company providing bioanalytical systems to accelerate the development of therapeutics and diagnostics. Gator Bio along with its sister company ET Healthcare are part of Access Medical Systems. The Gator instruments and biosensors enable real-time analysis of biomolecular interactions providing information on affinity, kinetics, concentration and epitope binning, etc. Most importantly, Gator Bio's analytical capabilities enable better and faster characterization of drug candidates, thus providing greater value in drug development applications where existing methods have limitations in throughput, performance, and cost. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California with facilities in Shanghai and Suzhou, China. For more information, please visit www.gatorbio.com.

GatorPlus is a new generation BLI system in 384-well plate format. The system is capable of 16x16 epitope binning, quantitation and kinetics in one run. The BLI systems from Gator Bio have an exceptional temperature control leading to much improved baseline stabiliy and greater precision & accuracy. Gator Bio's novel BLI probe surface chemistry provides higher sensitivity.

GatorPrime is a new generation Biolayer Interferometry (BLI) system based on 96-well plate format. This 8-channel system analyses 8 samples in 30 second and 96 samples in less than 30 minutes. Among the applications are: AAV quantitation and kinetics, protein-small molecule interaction, protein-protein interaction, receptor-ligand binding, epitope binning and kinetics analysis.