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TERMIS EU conference: Broadening the Targets and Approaches for Regenerative Medicine

Learn more Termis EU-Chapter Manchester 2023

The TERMIS EU conference is the leading event for the dissemination of the latest research in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The theme of the meeting in Manchester will be ‘Broadening the Targets and Approaches for Regenerative Medicine’.

Our Team will present together with our partner Rheolution the ElastoSens Bio, a viscoelasticity testing platform that uses vibrations to obtain non-destructive contactless viscoelastic measurements of soft matter. You will also be able to discover the Wolf Cell Sorter from NanoCellect Biomedical, Inc.  for gentle cell sorting based on microfluidics and the W8 Physical Cytometer System from CellDynamics for non-invasiv analysis of Spheroids and Organoids at our stand. The 3D Bioprinter from Axolotl Biosystems and the Pu•Ma System 3D from Protein Fluidics, Inc.  which has been designed to automate assays for spheroids or organoids, complete our product range.

We look forward to welcoming you to Manchester, a vibrant and dynamic city which mixes modern infrastructure with an immense scientific and industrial heritage as the ‘Birthplace of the Industrial Revolution’.