The OsmoTECH® PRO from Advanced Instruments is the only multi-sample osmometer designed to support 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, and it offers flexibility to configure these features to your specific needs in Pharma Industry. It is equipped with a 20-position carousel for high sample throughput. Osmolality testing can provide additional quality and efficiency throughout the bioproduction workflows. The method of freezing point depression is the industry standard and offers the highest precision and reliability, thus serving to optimize your quality control. The integrated barcode scanner simplifies personnel and sample identification.

With a sample volume of only 30 µl, the osmolality of samples can be determined serially within 90 seconds in the sample carousel. There are also several ways (including OPC, embedded web server, direct file transfer to a network folder and TCP/IP communication) to quickly transfer data from the device. This instrument provides a fast, accurate, and flexible method to check and monitor your bioprocess. The OsmoTECH® PRO is factory calibrated and ready to test!

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Technical Service

During our business hours, our free telephone support will be glad to assist you in case of any questions. Our Technicians take care of the delivery and installation of original spare parts of the highest quality as well as certified testing, measuring, and control equipment. Our maintenance according to manufacturer specifications includes functional tests, cleaning, accuracy testing with calibration as well as a detailed report. In addition, our maintenance contracts protect your investments and reduce the total cost of ownership.

Detailed information about our support options can be found here.

Advanced Instruments

Advanced Instruments is the 65-year Global leader in osmolality testing with experience in developing and manufacturing analytical instruments. With a large install base across 90+ countries in North America, EMEA and Asia Pacific, the company is serving customers in three core markets: biopharma, clinical and food & beverage. Advanced Instruments is dedicated to increasing productivity and ensuring quality in the biopharma, clinical and food & beverage industries. With a focus on innovations that anticipate and overcome customer pain points, they help their customers deliver greater drug yields, better patient care, and ensure food safety.

More about Advanced Instruments: www.aicompanies.com/


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